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As the largest secondary market dealer in Daum automobile crystal sculptures in the USA, the questions that we are most frequently asked are as follows:

Q: Can we get a catalog of the automobile sculptures?

A: The catalog is no longer available from Daum. However, a catalog, exclusive to the automobile sculptures, was included with each of the crystals when they were new.

Unfortunately, that catalog is woefully incomplete as many of the pieces are not included in the listing – we have never seen a catalog that includes all of the sculptures that were actually crafted.

Q: How many different sculptures were created?

A: So far we have identified a total of 19 different original sculptures and 4 subsequent pieces. Some of these sculptures were crafted in 1:12 scale but the majority are 1:14 scale making them approximately 15 to 16 inches in length.  In addition, there were a series of "Limited Edition" sculptures, each of these are etched with their individual number within the series.   

Q: When did Daum discontinue the manufacture of these sculptures?

A: We don’t know! The reason we don’t know is that many of the Daum dealers carried inventory of these pieces for quite some time after they were discontinued. Therefore, it is our best guess that production of these pieces ceased in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

Q: Can we get a list of the sculptures?

A: With the help of our customers the list of the pieces identified so far follows, if we know any additional data such as scale and/or the original selling price we have included that information. If you are aware of any additional pieces that are not included in this list your input is welcomed! However, please see the next Q&A before firing off an email.

Monoplace Le Mans – 1940’s era race car - 1:14  - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Grand Prix – 1970’s era race car – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Mercedes-Benz 300SL – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Chevrolet Corvette – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Jaguar E-Type – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Porsche 911 – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Ferrari 250 GTO – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Bugatti 55 Roadster – 1:14 - $850.00 (original retail price)

Mercedes-Benz 500SEL – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

BMW 750IL Sedan – 1:14 – $1050.00 (original retail price)

Cadillac Eldorado – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Coupe Riviera – styling exercise – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Limousine Imperiale – 1:12 - $1850.00 (original retail price) (Sometimes with a marble base)

Chevrolet Corvette – 1953 convertible – top down –  # edition of 2,500 – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Ford Thunderbird – convertible – top down - # edition of 2,500 – 1:14 -$1050.00(original retail price)

Cadillac – 1953 convertible (Eldorado?) – top down - # edition of 2,500 – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Ford Mustang – convertible – top down - # edition of 2,500 – 1:14 - $1050.00 (original retail price)

Aston Martin DB5 Sedan - # edition of 250 – 1:12 - $2500.00 (original retail price)

Jaguar MK2 Sedan - # edition of 250 – 1:12 - $2500.00 (original retail price)

Both the Aston Martin and the Jaguar are extremely rare and they should (and do) command very high prices on the secondary market. The limited editions of 2,500 are not as rare as some sellers would have you believe. To the best of our knowledge (with some exceptions) there were not that many of the “regular” editions that exceeded 2,500 pieces produced during their lifetime! 

Q: How come I have seen other pieces that are not on your list?

A: After Daum stopped production of the original pieces listed above there were at least 4 other pieces that were modeled in the same scale and size of the original Daum automobiles.  They are as follows:

Ferrari Testarossa (1984 through 1991 series) – 1:14 - $1500.00 (original retail price)
Ferrari 456GT - # edition of 599 – 1:14 - $1200.00  (original retail price)
Ferrari F40 – 1:14 - $750.00 (original retail price)
500 SL Mercedes – 1:14 - $??

The Testarossa and the 456GT were manufactured by Daum for the “Compagine Francaise Du Cristal” and commissioned (?) by a French artisan by the name of Claude Nicolas. They were not sold through Daum stores, the Testarossa does not carry the Daum trademark but the rocker panel is etched “Made In France” and “Created By Claude Nicolas” (we extend our thanks to Daum collector Bill Russell for providing this information). Most collectors consider this piece to be integral to a Daum crystal automobile collection.

The 456GT is a limited edition of 599 pieces and it is etched with the edition and number and “Daum France” on one rocker panel and “Claude Nicolas” on the other. The 456GT was introduced in 1992 and continued in production for 10 plus years, so this particular sculpture could have been done at any time during that period so we are unable to accurately date it. Obviously, this is a true Daum piece but the date of production seems to be out-of-line with the discontinuation of the original pieces listed previously.  With thanks to Daum collector, Michael Sobol, we can confirm that in May 1995 Daum sent out a letter introducing the limited edition of 599 pieces of a Ferrari 456 GT with an original retail price of $1,200.00

The F40 is manufactured in Italy from Italian lead crystal by Arnolfo di Cambio and the rear wing is cast from stainless steel. We have never seen one of these, but based on its size and presentation it appears that it would compliment any Daum collection. (Thanks again to Bill Russell).

The 500 SL Mercedes convertible with the hardtop fitted was manufactured by Daum for a jewelry chain in Texas. This piece is 1/14 scale and is etched with the Daum logo so it should be considered integral to a Daum collection.

In addition, there are a number of pieces that are being marketed via Claude Nicolas and it is our understanding that the majority of these are promotional items for various car manufacturers.  While we find it hard to believe, we are told that some of these were gifts to new car buyers, but for sure, the Range Rover was available for purchase through British Range Rover dealers and was featured in the UK Range Rover "Accessory" catalog.  All of these promotional items are of smaller scale than the original 1:14 Daum sculptures and consequently may not be of great interest to Daum collectors.  They are as follows:

Range Rover  (8.75 “ long =  1/20 scale) manufactured for Claude Nicolas by KAN International (France).

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 (approximately 9” long = 1/20 scale) manufactured for Calude Nicolas by KAN International (France).

Alfa Romeo 33 (approximately 7.5” long = 1/20 scale) manufactured by Daum and etched with the Daum logo- thanks to Michael Stout for the photo and information.

Alfa Romeo 164 (approximately 7.5” long = 1/20 scale) manufactured by Daum and etched with the Daum logo and 164 – thanks to Michael Stout for the photo and information.

Alfa Romeo 155 (approximately 7.5” long = 1/20 scale) manufactured by Daum and etched with the Daum logo and 155 – thanks to Michael Stout for the photo and information.

Well, now you know as much as we do! If you have any additional information it is welcomed and we will attempt to update and confirm the above information as we obtain more data. Don’t forget that much of what is written here is both unofficial and unsubstantiated so use the information cautiously and at your own risk!

Last updated 05/2008 - Copyright LMG Enterprises