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Doug in USA September 2014 Hi Folks, Just to let you know the Sunbeam Alpine manual arrived in fine condition this afternoon.  Thanks for the heavy-duty packaging, as the post office can be brutal on books.
David in USA February 2013

Received today perfect condition. Thanks for excellent service and careful packing.

Charles in USA January 2013

Sorry to be late with this.  the book arrived in fine shape.  A lovely book.  I am still perplexed as to why it was never translated ...  thanks very much! all my very best

Howard in USA April 2012

Thanks very much, the Mercedes book The Star & The Laurel arrived intact and as advertised this morning.  Thanks so much for shipping immediately.  Thank you also for using a cardboard box to ensure it's safe arrival.  So many booksellers put heavy books in bubble wrap envelopes which don't survive well in the bowels of the post office.  It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Terry in Canada April 2012 The book arrived in excellent condition late last week. Many thanks for both packing the book well and for your help with this. I too look forward to doing more business with you in the future, I'm always on the look out for rare and interesting automotive books.
Meta in USA April 2012

Book arrived today in great customer will be happy!!

Anthony in UK November 2009

Just to let you know that Automobile Year Vol 6 arrived safely yesterday, beautifully packaged.  I am so pleased to have it, already having Vols 2, 3 and 4 of this rare series.  I bought them at the time of publication, including the very first volume covering 1954.  I made the mistake of lending it to a work friend of mine decades ago and never got it back.  He left the company and I lost touch.  You learn a few lessons in life and this was one, NEVER lend books!  Now out of print, if Vol 1 ever comes your way I would be interested to know. In all probability it would be completely unaffordable but go on - tease me!!   Vol 6 is in mint condition and covers a very important year in F1 - the first British World Champion and Vanwall winning the Constructors title.I'm an author myself in a small way.  My book 'Motor Racing.  Reflections of a Lost Era' was published in 2005 by Veloce and has done very well.  Has it come your way I wonder?  Another one was 'BRM. A mechanics Tale' by Dick Salmon with which I had a good deal of input. Nice to have done business with never know about the next time!  I would never have known about Vol 6 but for the internet! 

Bill in USA  September 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I received the book yesterday.  Unfortunately, I was not here (at work) to receive it.  But when I came in this morning I found it sitting on my desk.  The packaging was secure and the book looks fantastic.  I think it's great that you have the ability to reprint out-of-print books.  It's a shame other author's don't allow you to reprint their works as well!!!

Nat in Australia August 2009 I got it! Thanks for not giving up and all of your help!  Looks good - off to the shed next weekend
Jay in Canada  August 2009

Just wanted to let you know the book arrived today as advertised in excellent condition.  I've been quite pleased with the service from the vendors associated with AbeBooks on-line and will certainly avail myself of your wondeful service again in the future.

Peter in USA  July 2009 books arrived Thursday afternoon, right on schedule - nice packing job, both are really in excellent condition!  will bookmark your website.
Doug in Canada  July 2009

I've been away for a couple of weeks, just back now.  The books arrived while I was away.  They are all FABULOUS.  I'm perfectly pleased with them and this transaction.  Many thanks.

Ian in the UK

April 2008

Thank you for the book - it arrived today, beautifully packed and in perfect shape.

A pleasure doing business with you!

Karsten in Germany

March 2008

Hallo,the Maserati Spare Parts Book arrived today.It is in perfect condition.many many thanks,Karsten.

Eric in Belgium

January 2008

I just received the book in an 'non expected so good shape'. Thank you for
the condition of the shipment. And many thanks for the plans (blueprints)
you added.

Graeme in New Zealand

December 2007

The US Postal Service has delivered the above title. Just brilliant.  Many thanks for your most efficient service.  Kind regards

Greg in USA

November 2007

received in good order, thank you.  Book is in great shape as advertised.

Carol in Australia

September 2007

The books have arrived, all in pristine condition and beautifully packed. Thank you so much ! Look forward to doing business with you again.

Kurt in Switzerland

August 2007

the Maserati books have arrived today.  All three are in perfect conditions, without transport damages.  Thank you for selling me this books.

John in USA

July 2007

This is extremely tardy but I wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with the book!  It's exactly as you described.  Thank you for a great transaction.  It was once again a pleasure to work with you!  Take care

Helmut in Germany

June of 2007

Good news, today 13. June the first Parcel with 4 Books is in my hands (Racing USA 87-89 and The Roaring 60´s)thank you very much for very good and save and dry packing. Have a good week and keep care.

Chris in Canada

May of 2007

The book has just arrived, and I'm very satisfied with it, and it was very
well packaged - I'm sure I will be buying from you again!

Bert in Canada

April of 2007

Shipment arrived yesterday in good order. Thank you for your prompt

Steve in USA

March 2007

I just finished placing a Brodart cover on the book. I'm sure that I will be up very late tonight, as I have lusted after this title for years. I simply couldn't resist an "as new" copy, besides, my birthday was last week.  I have bookmarked your site and will be keeping it under active surveillance from now on. You guys are great!

Kevin in USA

March 2007

Thanks for the Automobile Year shipment. My wife took it still wrapped in the carton and held it for two weeks or so.  So I received it for my 60th birthday present. I hope you can keeping acquiring each annual issue , you have been a great supplier.

Ray in the UK

March 2007

Further to our recent emails, I received the above order over the weekend and no doubt due to your extremely thorough packaging, the book was in absolutely first class, as new condition.

Mike in California

March 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I received the book and I'm very happy with the purchase-the book was in better shape than my expectations.  I could tell it was cared for and carefully packaged. I do look forward to doing future business-thank you,

Joel in Maryland

February 2007

The other three (Daum crystals) arrived safe and sound.  They were extremely well packed -- very obviously done right.  The cars are terrific.  I had never seen the Jag or the DB5 before except on your web site which doesn't due justice to them.  They are the perfect addition to my Daum collection.  Now if I can only find those elusive convertibles, I'll be compete.  Thanks again for the extra care and effort you expended to assure a trouble free transit.

Randy in USA

December 2006

Hi Got it, Got the book and you really know how to pack a book.  I am impressed.

Wayne in Canada

November 2006

The book has arrived in excellent condition due to your excellent packaging.  To say that I am pleased with the purchase would be a gross understatement.  I am very delighted with the book. This is my second purchase from your company and I would have no qualms whatsoever in buying from you in the future.  Keep up the great work!!!

Beat in Switzerland

August 2006

The book safely arrived in Switzerland. It was very well packed and it is perfect!
Thanks a lot.

Wayne in Canada

August 2006

Hello Dave:  The book arrived today in great shape!!!
Thank you for the extra care in packaging for shipment as well as putting on the mylar cover.
I hope to do business with you again.

Rich in USA

April 2006

Just this am received the Simon Moore Alfa Romeo book . Thanks for the great service,

John in USA

April 2006

Received, with appreciation. Thank you for the fine service.

Werner in Belgium

January 2006

The book arrived in perfect condition.  It was super well packed. Thx.

Graham in Australia

January 2006

Hi  Just to let you know that the book arrived yesterday (Monday 23/1) in perfect order and I am very pleased with the condition and the care taken in packing.  I would certainly not hesitate to buy from you in the future.


December 2005

Dear Dave and Lynn: Got it!!!!! The book is in super condition and has the rare foldout poster.  MANY THANKS!
Hope to order from your company again.

John in Colorado

November 2005

Dear Dave and Lynn: The book arrived today in tip top shape!  Thanks for taking the time to package it so well.  I hope to do business with you again.

Shahram in the US

September 2005

Thanks for a great book that arrived at Ferrari V12 speed. I'll be checking your website for future purchases.

Chris in New Zealand

August 2005

Hi Dave and Lynn - book arrived today - I'm absolutely thrilled with it - packaging was perfect
book is in really good condition - my collection is complete - thank you both very very much
i hope to do some more business with you both soon

Johann in Germany

July 2005

Guten Tag - die Bücher sind eingetroffen - vielen Dank - Johann
(TRANSLATION: Good day - the books arrived - thank you - Johann)

Barry & Shirley in Canada

July 2005

Just a note to let you know that my order arrived save and sound a couple of days ago, and to thank you for your prompt service.  We are also very pleased with the book and it's excellent condition.  Thank you

Gregory in Russia

September 2005

I'm happy to confirm that yesterday I received book from local post in perfect condition, no damage was done in transit and book itself is what I was looking for. Many thanks for great service.

Yeon-Hyeon in Japan

June 2005

Hello. The book reached me. It is a nice book.

Thank you for your kind care.

David in Australia

May 2005

Hi, I received these two books today in excellent condition. Thank you for packing them so carefully.

Joe in the USA

April 2005

recd the bugatti book over the weekend. thank you for the splendid, UNREAD copy!!! it was well packaged and i'm very happy.  thanks again

Jaap from the Netherlands

April 2005

A short note to confirm that the book is already here! I received it Thursday March, 30. I'm very pleased with the book and your prompt handling.  Greetings from The Netherlands

Sarah in the USA

March 2005

Thank you thank you thank you. I had to wait a month on only to have them tell me I would have to wait another month b/c it is on

"back-order." Thank you for your promptness!!! I know my dad will love his book.

Roger in Switzerland

February 2005

Book arrived today in best order. Thank you very much for the good packing and quick shipping.  Best regards

Ron in the USA

February 2005

Just wanted to write you a quick note to say many thanks on taking the extra care on carefully packing the book, it arrived today in great condition.  It really means a lot to me to see someone take that extra time.  I will definitely order from you again.

Chris & Jane in New Zealand

January 2005

The above book arrived this morning in tip-top condition, and I am totally

delighted with it.  I am also most impressed with your service, and will have no hesitation with dealing with you again in the future. In addition, I will whole-heartedly recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.  Many thanks...

Jim in Canada

January 2005

Just as a quick aside, your inventory of books is really quite amazing. It seems that every time I search Abebooks for a title, one of your listings shows up! And of course its an added bonus that your books are typically of the highest quality, as well as being very reasonably priced. The fact that you pack so well, provide easy cross border shipping, and have such great knowledge of the subject is just added icing on the cake :-)

Michael in New Zealand

December 2004

The book arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased.

Ryan in California

December 2004

Just wanted to let you know I received my order of three books on Monday, December 13.  They arrived in great condition, and I'm so happy to receive them. Really glad I found you on the Web, and will check your site often for other books.

Gerard in Netherlands

December 2004

Have received the books. They were as you told in perfect condition and I already had a whole weekend of reading pleasure!

Thanks and hope to do some further business in the future!

Thierry in USA

October 2004

The books arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Excellent service. I have already placed another order.

Pal in Hungary

October 2004

I am happy to report that on Thursday I was finally delivered the book! Thanks much!

Jan in Slovak Republic

October 2004

I have received the books you sent me. They are in perfect condition. Thank you very much.

David in England

July 2004

The book arrived about one hour ago.  It is in beautiful condition.  Thank you.

Jesus in Spain

May 2004

Hola! Today I received the packet in perfect condition.  Have fun!!

Jim in Canada

October 2004

I am completely happy with the book, and tremendously impressed by your packaging.

Bill in the US

October 2004

Thank you for the very prompt service.

Claude in France

October 2004

It is a pleasure to deal with American booksellers.  And LMG is one of the best.

Pal in Hungary

October 2004

Hello, I am happy to report that on Thursday I was finally delivered the book!  Thanks much!

Anne in England


Parcel arrived safely, thanks Dave & Lynn - excellent - that was amazingly fast.

Jeff in England


The book arrived safely yesterday - I am very pleased with it.  Thanks for the excellent service!

Grahame in England


Thank you for the book and for taking care with the packaging.  It arrived safely with me earlier this week.

John in England


This is just to report safe and rapid arrival of this book.  Thank you for this prompt service.

Gerhard in Switzerland


The RX7 book did arrive today in undamaged package in good shape.  You wrapped it very carefully.  I will unpack it not before my birthday in the early April days.  Thank you for the smooth transaction.

Nobby in England


Book arrived safely and in excellent order.  You have a very happy customer. More enquiries to follow in the near future.

Johan in Belgium


The four books arrived today in perfect order.  Thank you very much for the great service.

Adrian in Texas


The book arrived safely yesterday and it is superb! Thanks for the prompt service and the secure packaging.  I will be sure to look at your catalog first for future purchases.

Dave in the UK


Book arrived fine this morning, better than described, many many thanks, look forward to doing business again.

Dave in Wisconsin


Book arrived this a.m., excellent wrapping job!!!.  My thanks for your prompt & most efficient way of doing business.  Its been a real pleasure and I hope we can do it again in the future.

Keith in Green Bay, WI


I just wanted to provide you with some feedback on my recent purchase from you.  The book arrived in a timely fashion and was nicely packaged for protection.  It's condition was exactly as described and I was extremely happy with it.  I had never made a book purchase of this nature before so I didn't know what to expect, and your email confirmation of this transaction was reassuring.  In summary, you have exceeded my expectations in every way, your business practice has resulted in a very happy new customer, and I will happily do business with you again.


Thanks for restoring my faith in the 'Truth In Advertising' phrase!

Subianto in Takarta, Indonesia


I just received your shipment of my order below, complete and in good condition. They are really great books, just by browsing them I found so many photos, diagram and detailed information regarding Mercedes-Benz cars and the  related people that I have never seen before in any Mercedes-Benz books that I own or know or even at the Daimler-Chrysler web page that I visit very often in details.
Thank you for your prompt and satisfactory delivery.  Regards

Another from Subianto in Takarta, Indonesia

...shipment of my order was received..., complete and in good condition.  Thank you for a very good packing which protects the books well.

Shahram in NYC


Thanks for a great transaction -- book was received quickly and perfectly packed.

Alex in the U.K.

Outstanding service.  This book arrived this morning - 4 days to get here from Texas - superb!  Thanks for packing well, too.  I am delighted to have this book.

Peyton in NYC

You are the best!! Many many thanks.  I'll be ordering again!

Cheryl in Tucson

Just wanted to let you know that the book arrived at my office yesterday... I'm amazed at the excellent shape the book is in.  Thank you so much for taking special care in packing it up -- being a book lover myself, I really appreciate it when folks take good care of their books.

Ken in Ohio

I'm shaking.  I'm nervous and the adrenaline is pumping.  This book is beautiful!!!  I've just returned from the local P.O. where I picked up my copy... and it is absolutely beautiful.  Thanks so very much for the time and care you spent packaging it so well.


Thanks for your great service.

Joe in Houston

Hi David and Lynn,  got the print today and it is every bit in mint condition. I'm pretty sure I would never have been able to find one in this pristine shape. Thank you so much for selling it to me. I'm VERY PLEASED.

Martin in Germany

The parcel has arrived and the books are in very good condition!  Thank you.  Greetings from a glad guy.

Mats in Sweden

I would like to confirm I received the books I ordered from you...  I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I was very happy to receive both books in excellent condition.  I would like to give you compliments for the wrapping... it effectively protected the books from damage during the long trip here.  It's been a pleasure to deal with you...


I've received the (print) and it's perfect!  Thanks.


Oh happy day!  I am delighted to not only receive this book I have been trying to pin down for more years than I care to remember, but to discover that its condition is far better than I had been led to expect on account of (a) its age and (b) its Bargain Basement status.  It's simply superb!  ...Thanks again for everything.  It's sure been a pleasure doing business with you.

Kenny in Japan

I've received my order item in last Saturday.  I was so impressed.  You sent me a perfect one.  Thank you very much.


I received the Ford Sales Booklet today.  Thanks for the great piece and the excellent packaging.

Dale in Japan

Thanks... I'm pleased to confirm that the painting arrived yesterday in undamaged, perfect condition.  Your packing was excellent, I think that it would have been nearly impossible for it to have been damaged during shipping in its specially made container...  Please give my regards to Mr. Butvila, his painting is going to a good home and will be well taken care of!


Just a quick note to let you know that I received the ...books today.  One word...awesome!  I am so pleased with them. 


As always I thank you for everything, to my way of thinking you've got Amazon beaten hands down.

Terry in England

You will be pleased to know that this book was delivered to me this morning.  I am very pleased with it.  Thank you for packing it carefully...  Thanks again.


The book... arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks.

Steve in Alaska

Thanks very much for such quick service getting my Alfa book up here to Alaska.  I'll keep checking your website for more treasures for the bookshelf!

Mary in England

Just a short note to tell you that the book and magazine arrived in perfect condition.  I should like to thank you for your patience and help, and for making my husband's birthday this year a very happy and nostalgic one!  Warm regards.


I received (the book) yesterday, and it appears to be in excellent condition.  Thank you for the prompt service!


Just wanted to let you know I received (the poster) in perfect condition today, thanks to your care in packing.  Thanks so much for your care and professionalism!

John in New Jersey

Although we've never met, I truly feel as if you're a friend.  I can't thank you enough for your patience and guidance regarding my search for Rolls Royce books... It's truly a joy to call and actually learn about the books BEFORE I have to buy's as if your "store" is in my hometown and I can just stroll in and talk with you about what it is I'm looking for!  The quality and efficiency of your service is remarkable...and the ease of ordering via phone / e-mail is just FANTASTIC... especially when much of what I'm looking for is "out of print"!!


The book arrived safe & sound, and it is incredible.  Thanks for your e-mails, prompt service and patience.  I hope to do business with you again soon and will highly recommend you to my friends.

Chris from Pepperidge Farms Sales Department

Just a note to thank you very much for your help in supplying the three exquisite Daum crystal sports cars for our use as awards at our National Sales Meeting.  First, I'd like to say the cars were magnificent.  In fact, my manager considered only giving two awards so that he could purchase one of the cars for himself!  The three recipients were just overwhelmed.  These "trophy" awards were perhaps the most exciting that we've ever presented.  I want you to know that these cars are very much appreciated and will be cherished by the award winners forever.  Thank you also for your immediate help in getting these to us when we gave you very little lead-time.

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