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LMG ~ Gallery L'Automobile 


 by Montaut

Large image 17 3/4" x 35 1/2"

The image shown is for illustration purposes only, please do not rely upon this image to make your purchasing decision. Each piece that we have for sale is individually described and priced, and you should give careful consideration to those descriptions prior to making your purchase.  If you require additional information or an electronic image of the piece that you are considering, please call or email us. We would also suggest that you read the additional information at the bottom of this page.
  • This piece retains its original size of 17 3/4" x 35 1/2" - there is no cropping.  The edges are in exceptional condition and there is no staining or evidence of previous framing.  The paper is starting to show some toning and, as a result, the pastel pinks in the image have faded (the pink and the tan colors are always the first to go!) In the more than 25 years of dealing with these pieces, we have only ever had one example of this image that we could call pristine.  This particular example is more the 'normal' condition of this piece, still very nice but with slightly muted colors.  There is a small area to the lower LH corner, approx. 1" tall by 5" in length that is marginally 'lighter' than the rest of the paper.  This minor discoloration is a result of either dampness or acid in the paper; however, it will be totally covered in the framing process.  The image is still strong and the dominant colors are bright.  Overall, we would give this piece a good or slightly better rating for condition, price is $525.00 plus S&H.


The normal condition that these pieces are found in will almost always include a brownish toning to the paper, the colors will likely be muted, they may have been cropped and there may be mat burns, toning and staining from previous acidic framing materials. Approximate pricing in this condition will be in the $300.00 to $800.00 range depending upon desirability of the image and the rarity of the piece.

Occasionally, pieces will be found in excellent condition having been stored unframed and unexposed to damaging light sources. In this condition they will have almost white backgrounds with vivid image colors and they always command top prices. This is particularly true for the more desirable and rare images, which in pristine condition can fetch thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is not practical to provide a meaningful price range for pieces in outstanding condition, as the image becomes the determining factor.


Consideration must be given to the fact that these pieces were produced at the turn of the century and that their predominant use was a decorative poster. The paper is of a type that is similar to newsprint and it will ultimately take on a brownish tint even if kept in a drawer! In addition many were originally framed using acidic matting and backer boards, causing staining and premature darkening of the paper.

The majority of these pieces were displayed without regard to their longevity. They were hung in locations that subjected them to direct sunlight and in later years they were exposed to fluorescent lighting. After almost 100 years in these harsh environments the colors have faded and in some extreme cases they have been totally bleached out.

In addition, it is not unusual to find pieces that have been cropped to remove edge damage or to fit into an inexpensive “off-the-shelf” frame. Also, many of them have suffered insect or damp damage and even “self-inflicted” damage due to the high level of acidity in the original paper.