Carlo Demand's Original Artwork including charcoals, gouaches, pen and ink drawings and prints.

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Original artwork featured in this catalog came from the estate of Carlo Demand, a charter member of the AFAS (Automotive Fine Arts Society).  Authentic original works of art drawn and painted by a dedicated artist who is recognized as one of the foremost illustrators of transportation subjects.  His widow, Margaret, who is the custodian of these wonderful pieces, has enlisted our assistance in the sale of these works.

With the exception of the 1935 Grand Prix of France charcoal, for those desiring reprint permission or seeking to purchase all other original or reproduction images of the varied works of Carlo Demand are directed to .

Carlo will be missed - his artwork is not just about the automobile, it's about realism.  Carlo had the ability to capture the emotion of the moment and to create true-to-life images that overflow with detail and excitement.

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Demand in Munich

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1903 Gordon Bennett Cup 1934 Grand Prix of Germany 1953 Grand Prix of Switzerland
1903 Gordon Bennett Cup - SOLD 1934 Grand Prix of Germany - SOLD 1953 Grand Prix of Switzerland-SOLD
Louis Wagner Portrait 1935 Grand Prix of France A Tire Depot
Louis Wagner Portrait - SOLD 1935 Grand Prix of France A Tire Depot - SOLD

Pen & Ink

1907 Kaiserpreis

1907 Kaiserpreis - SOLD