Carlo Demand Charcoal  

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Most artists earn a living by accepting commissions from private individuals or corporations to draw or paint a particular image. Much of Carlo Demand’s work was produced for the sole purpose of illustrating a book, and as such, they were not produced with the intention of being sold. Therefore, the predominance of these images ended up being stored after the book was published; such was the case for the original charcoal drawings that were used to illustrate “The Big Race” (1955).

Many of these original works suffered water damage during their long period of storage and much of this damage did not become apparent until after Carlo’s death in 2000 at which point LMG Gallery L’Automobile became involved in the disposition of his estate and was responsible for framing many of the original works that were ultimately sold. As the originals for “The Big Race” were incomplete it can be assumed that the missing pieces were sold prior to Carlo’s death. Obviously, it can also be assumed that most of those pieces were the undamaged works.

We were extremely fortunate enough to have the opportunity to purchase one of the few remaining undamaged pieces from the estate. In addition, this particular piece has to be one of the most desirable images (page 67) featuring the Champion Of Europe, Rudi Caracciola, winner of the 1935 French Grand Prix driving a Silver Arrow. Obviously, due to our involvement with the estate, we got to see all of the remaining originals and there was not another that even came close to it in size. Signed and dated ’54 to the lower left and measuring 35.5” x 24.6” inclusive of a 1” (approx) border to all four sides of the image; it has to be one of the largest (if not the largest) pieces of artwork that Carlo produced for “The Big Race”. Sadly, it is also one of the few remaining undamaged pieces of original artwork that is currently available.

Charcoal on paper

35 1/2" x 24 5/8"



This artwork is featured in the book "The Big Race" page number 67.