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Paul's Bio

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Over the years Paul has painted many conventional poses of racing cars in their natural environments.  "Every Second Counts" and "Jimmy Clark in the Lotus 49" are typical examples:

"Lotus 49"

Lotus 49


"Every Second  Counts"

Every Second Counts

Paul is also an accomplished fantasy artist and the inclusion of that element into his automotive work has resulted in some unique and intriguing images.

As you look through his automotive subjects you start to notice the fantasy influence, the reflective pools in his image of "Ferrari 500" are an example.

The fantasy content in "The Manor" is obvious, yet more subtle in "Blue Jaguar" where the absence of background produces an almost surreal image that still manages to be plausible.

Ferrari 500   The Manor  Blue Jaguar - Beauty and the Beast
 "Ferrari 500"  "The Manor"

"Blue Jaguar"

Beauty & the Beast

Paul had grown tired of the normal positioning formats that many artists use as a basis for their automotive subjects, and he was intrigued by the appearance of hi-performance and race cars from the rear. 

Consequently, he started to photograph those cars from that perspective with the intention of using the photographs as subjects for his paintings. 

As he worked on the first of these paintings the fantasy element became a prominent part of the image, and the result was the painting that you see below.


Sometime after this painting was completed Paul asked for our input on some new automobile subjects for him to work on. We traded ideas back and forth and we suggested that he should consider working on a series of paintings that were linked together by a theme. Paul suggested that he continue with the race car rear end idea and the concept of a "Hot Rear Ends" series was born. 

Paulís goal is to produce a series of 12 paintings consisting of a combination of real and fantasy images. Paul has chosen us to publish the limited edition prints that will be produced from each painting and we are excited that he has granted us an exclusive on this series. 

With the exception of "Hot Rear Ends #1" which has already been sold, all of the original artwork will also be available for purchase. However, we are currently taking orders for a signed and numbered limited edition of 150 high quality Giclee prints that will be produced from both the "Hot Rear Ends #1" and the "Hot Rear Ends #2" paintings. 

Anyone that purchases a print from the first image of this series will be notified as each new image is completed and will have the opportunity to purchase the original and/or a matching number print from each of the subsequent issues.

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